Monday, February 20, 2012

technically, this is week 8 right now... (of the one a week challange for 2012) I've been good at posting new items in the shop but don't seem to find ways to motivate myself to share them on here... mostly that's because I don't really consider myself a blogger. In fact, I used to highly disapprove of most blogs as self-glorifying and poorly written loud speakers. But, I've come to learn more about what they have to offer... I bookmark and follow several and quite frankly the world is a new place! shame on me.

so, moving forward I won't put pressure on myself to repost new listings here each week but, I'll try to keep up some sort of more regular pace. =)

this item is one of several new bracelet and cuffs made from scrap wood. I love the process of designing, cutting/shaping and sanding (and sanding and more sanding) but the absolute best part is oiling and waxing the piece to reveal it's true beauty! I love love love that part!

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