I cannot take credit for the idea but I will share how to make these super easy and super fun mexican thumb wrestling masks!!

Yarn: Use any type. It’s only about 15g so it’s a great project for scrap/left over yarn. I personally like to use 100% cotton, rather than acrylic but any yarn will work well. Worsted weight is best but thicker or thinner yarns will make a bigger or smaller finger puppet.

Note on yarn color: if you are new to crochet- you might notice that darker yarn is more difficult to work with because it’s a little harder to visualize/see the individual stitches. So you might want to try the pattern first with lighter colored yarn and then use black or other darker colors as desired. Embroidry thread/needle: to stitch on the embellishments, you could eiter cut out the mask from felt and glue or sew it on, or you can embroider it on!

Hook: any size will be fine. I recommend using a size 3.75mm or so for a tighter look.

Place markers: happily, the number stitches are not hugely important so you don’t really need a marker. If you are new to crochet, it’s a good idea to use a place marker at the end of each row to so that you don’t have to count each and every stitch. A place marker could be a safety pin, paperclip, a sewing pin, etc.

Working in the round: if you are not familiar with Amigurumi round crochet all you need to know is that when you finish a row, you do not need to slip-stitch/chain 1. Rather, you’ll just keep working in a spiral. This is why you’ll want to use place markers so that you can be sure to keep track of where you are. first, make a magic circle with 4-6 stitches. If you don't know how to make a magic circle, you could chain 2 and put 4-6 stitches in the first chain. or- consult this youtube video:

ok, so I say 4-6 stitches because if you start with 4 stitches, you'll have a smaller puppet, if you start with six, you'll have a larger puppet... for our purposes, let's start with five!

row 1: magic circle with 5 sc, pull loose end (tail) to tighten the circle
row 2: 2 sc (increase) in each st around (10 total st total)
row 3: sc in first 2 st, 2 sc in next st (increase), * (13 total st)
row 4: sc in each st around (13 total st) continue
row 5 around and around until you've reached desired length.

By adding more rounds of the same number of stitches, it will start to curl up! adding more rows will make it longer and you can adjust the length according to your thumb size. when you are done, skip a stitch and then slip stitch to finish off, leave a yarn tail to weave in end. now's the fun part! in the photos, you'll see that I used embroidery thread/floss to create the details of the mask. have fun with this part! enjoy!

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